From Presentation to Resource

I go to many presentations and put on even more. Unfortunately far too often a slide pops up and we determine the learning is not for us. More likely than not it is because of one of the three following reasons:

  1. You are already familiar with the content and ideas being presented.
  2. You don’t feel it is relevant.
  3. You are just not that interested.

Todd Rose quote

None of these reasons should be viewed as negative, rather they are realities in our current learning landscapes. Most presentations do exactly what we are trying to move away from in the classroom, they shoot for the middle. And, as “The End of Average” author Todd Rose knows all too well when you aim for the middle you often miss everyone (please watch this video if you haven’t already).

At ISTE 2017 in San Antonio my colleagues and I had the pleasure of experiencing some world class presentations that incorporated Google’s G Suite from the liked of Alice Keeler, Kasey Bell, and Tanya Avrith. What made them a notch above anything else our team had experienced was how they utilized the concept of Hyperdocs and turned their presentation into a choose your own adventure resource. Here are our major takeaways:

  • Make your presentation into a stand alone resource
    •  Each slide should speak for itself so participants can return back to it and even those not in attendance can also benefit. Include hyperlinks to articles, documents, and templates.
  • Provide a menu
    • Let everyone know what information you will be covering live but provide opportunities for them to meet their own learning needs. Provide links to resources with a variety of topics that suit different levels of experience.
  • Change the Landscape
    • No longer is this a quiet intimate affair. Participants should be encouraged to move around the room, talk with others, and ask questions.

This is one of my goals this year… I want to create learning opportunities that meet everyone’s need. I want the educators I work with to be selfish with their time, to demand more from their learning, and not to be satisfied with only a nugget here or there. This coming week will our first foray into providing such learning. Stay tuned for a  reflection post on how it went. Until then please take a look at the Google Slides below and provide any feedback that’ll help us amplify learning.



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