Time to get off the scale?

It is thin mint season and in a year that has bad news like no other, it was a welcomed sight when I saw this little box of joy sitting in our pantry. Yet, at the same time, I am well aware of the ramifications that thin mints can have on my waistline as we […]

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In teaching, as in life, there are defining moments which shape you by helping you understand your beliefs and the educator you want to be. My defining moment was nothing eventful at the time but I now look back and know for sure it was my turning point. It all started when I was accosted […]

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CSL: What really matters?

Last week my colleague and friend Carolyn Durley gave a powerful “ED-Drop” (InnovateED’s version of an ignite talk) around “What really matters?”. This caused me to reflect on what really matters when it comes to communicating student learning and examine what the focus has been thus far into the journey. A Principal in our district […]

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FreshGrade in High Schools?

This past fall I had the opportunity to visit a number of high-schools to learn about teacher wants and needs in regards to a gradebook/portfolio that communicates student learning. In most cases, high-school teachers who have had a chance to explore FreshGrade did not feel that it met their needs. These are the most common […]

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From CSL to SCL

We need more acronyms in education don’t you think!?!?! IEP, CEA, PBL…the list goes on. Recently in British Columbia a new one has emerged, CSL: Communicating Student Learning. As a result of BC embracing a redesigned curriculum which is competency-driven it is necessary to change our ways of assessing and reporting on student learning. Now […]

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Building Understanding,Trust, and Relationships with your Parent Community via FreshGrade

“Why use FreshGrade?” This is a question that educators across SD23 are considering. By starting with your purpose it makes it more likely that you will arrive at that destination. This embodies our Learning Technology Department‘s mantra of a “pedagogy first approach to technology.” Scott Hayhurst, an OKM English and Social Studies Teacher, has used FreshGrade […]

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Grades in Costume

In a few short days, little ones dressed in costume will overtake our streets. Some will go for that scary look whereas others will go for one that is cute and cuddly. My son for instance thinks his fire-breathing dragon will be scary but in reality a 2 year old trying to muster a roar […]

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SD23 FreshGrade Playbook

This past summer my colleague Jordan created what I truly feel is the best GSuite resource out there. It has everything the most novice user would need right up to someone who has been going Google for years. Throughout our first month of the school year, we leaned heavily on this resource to help create […]

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